How to Learn SEO Fast in 2020

Do you know What is the Easiest and fastest way to learn SEO in 2020? The answer is there is no shortcut to learn SEO in fast way.

I have done extensive research on other SEO experts and their courses, I found that if you follow the strategic way to learn one subject for next 90 days, I am sure you will learn SEO and become next SEO Expert.

After my extensive research on learning SEO I found that most of the strategy is common for learning any new Digital marketing skills. Below are the top 8 ways that you can follow to learn seo.

Top 8 Ways to Learn SEO Fast

Learn SEO


1. Take Small Actions Daily

SEO is about doing things, you can’t learn until you apply knowledge. When you start doing small changes on website and noticing improvement in traffic will motivate you to learn it in depth.

2. Learn the Fundamentals

When It comes to Self learning  SEO, start by preparing a 10 Days Learning Calendar including topics like  What is SEO, How Search Engine works and Past Algorithms.

Additionally I will suggest you to make a list of the top SEO blogs, Industry Experts and Marketing conferences that you can join letter..

3. Hire Experienced SEO Mentor

If you want to learn SEO without trial and error method, I highly recommend you to find a local SEO Expert and learn under his observation, this way you will save lots of your time.

4. Focus on Your Strengths

Most of the time people focus on their weakness to improve it and waste lots of time and loose passion. Instead I suggest you to work on your strength and Give it your 100%.

Google follows 200+ Ranking signal to rank a website, if you are poor at one department leave it and focus on what you can do better. Like if you are strong at coding then improve your website user experience, website speed and fix duplicate content issues.

Or If you are strong at writing then produce unique content that people likes and link back to you.

5. Purchase an SEO Course

If you start learning SEO by reading blogs, videos then I am sure you will will be confused by seeing lots of different advices.

The best way is to find the right course and purchase it.

SEO Courses are designed in a way that it will teach you starting from basics to advance, but it will only help you if you apply the learning.

6. Start your Own Website or Blog for Practice

If you hired a mentor or purchased course then how you apply that knowledge?

The best way is to start your own website by registering domain and hosting. It will not cost you more than your SEO course or Mentor.

When you have your own website, you will Implement all the suggestion that given by your mentor or from a course.

Keep Tracking what is working and what is not working.

7. Start your First Job With SEO Company

It is nice to have mentor, Course and website, but you will miss the experience of client expectation, Reporting and Keeping the client for longterm.

Working with SEO Agency will teach you to handle the work pressure and force you to learn new skills quickly.

Additionally you start getting more experience that you can show in your case studies.

8. Follow SEO Algorithms but Don’t Chase it

SEO Algorithms are ongoing changes to improve users experience. If you fall in trap of getting quick success by following wrong practices sooner or later you will be caught.

Instead you just focus on creating high quality content, improving your website visitors experience, contribute on trusted websites.

Doing High quality work will keep you safe from any google algorithm update.

9. Bonus – Join Marketing Conferences

SEO Is all about learning and creating network of like minded.

Most of the marketing Conference have specials workshop for SEO Module that cover lots of insights from experts.

Attending marketing conference will connect you with top bloggers, students, journalist and group of likeminded people who wants to become better in Marketing.

Watching competition will force you to take our First Step and ongoing step of Taking SMALL Actions Daily.

Start Learning SEO With Our Guide

Thank you for staying so long on website!

Here I have divided SEO Learning in to 6 modules that You can read it day by day. Below mentioned content will give you basic overview, to become master in SEO you need to apply the knowledge that you have learned.

1. General SEO Topics

What is SEO? :– SEO Stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  Its process of optimising your website according yo search engine requirements so that whenever  any users search in Search Engine website like Google, Bing or Duck Duck Go your website appear at first page. SEO is ongoing process that takes 4 to 5 months to start showing effects.

SEO Strategy :– Without Strategy your efforts will not product longterm results, You might get short term success but for longterm your need to prepare SEO Strategy. For a successful SEO campaign you need to have strategy that cover Website Audit, Optimization, Content creation and promotion.

SEO Audit – Whether you are working with a New website or Old website SEO Audit is must have in your strategy. Doing SEO Audit or working with SEO checklist on Initial stage will show your website strength and weakness.

SEO Mistakes – We are Living in 21 Century, We have all the information that required to take right decisions. I have done lots of mistakes in my SEO Journey, Sometimes I forget to track performance, Wrong anchor text targeting, Focusing on low quality website and more. I have done mistakes but you can simply ignore it by reading my SEO mistakes.

Best CMS for SEO – When It comes to starting first website, I suggest go with wordpress website, as it has easy to use SEO plugins, website structure and community behind that helps you. Once your basics are clear you can easily play with eCommerce platform. Once you start knowing what you need to do for SEO, you can easily optimize magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Bigcommerce and more Dynamic Websites.

2. On-Site SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO – Most of the SEO beginner and Specifically website programmer think that on-page SEO is just placing the targeted keywords on website. But they are Wrong! More then 50-points available for on page optimization to make website search engine friendly. Check our 50-points On Page SEO checklist for better understanding.

Title Tags – Once you start learning SEO in depth you will understand the importance of writing Effective title tags. Its not just stuffing targeted keywords by comma separated, Title tag is all about playing game with Search Engine and Human Psychology. Once you become pro in SEO you will do it daily.

301 Redirects – This will comes plenty of time, whether you redesign a website or moving to new domain. To keep the value of old works and domain authority understanding 301 redirects is fundamental skills of SEO. If you have done wrong 301 Redirection you might loose all the traffic, so learn it and do it effectively to product high quality results.

404 Errors – When you missed a page after website redesign a 404 Errors comes and when it comes to Search engine contact its give negative effect. Learn to handle all the 404 errors in right way by applying proper automated redirection.

HTTP vs. HTTPS – After Google Official confirmation regarding considering website having https ( SSL certificate ) Its important for us to understand the advantage and disadvantage of not using https.

Redirect Chains – When you have old website this is common issues, you have multiple redirection to reach your targeted page and that create lots of issue. This will not pass the actual link juice. So it’s important to find the redirect chains and fix it as soon as you find them.

3. Content

How to Write a Blog Post – SEO is all about working with new related keywords. It’s easy to rank new long term keywords by creating new blog post. So learn the blogging right way to bring more targeted traffic!

4. Link Building

Backlinks – Like content is king, Backlinks is backbone of a SEO. With proper optimization and quality content you will be good at low competitive keywords, but when there is competition you need lots of high quality backlinks. Learn how you can get high quality backlinks by following this simple guide.

Expired Domains for SEO – When it comes to link building with expired domains most of the time people do it in wrong way to take short term benefits, Here is my proven techniques to use expired domain in right way to take huge benefits.

Anchor Text – Most of the time people get penalty for getting maximum links with Money keywords. Knowing How to use anchor text in right way while link building is the first fundamental skills that you need to learn.

Link Building Services – Once you know link building process you will start providing services. It’s very difficult to find quality link building service provider. Learn basics and create a network to provide high quality service.

PBNs – PBNs are effective when you do it with proper strategy. Every SEO expert has used PBNs link building techniques in past. Do you think PBNs still working in 2020? Read it to know whether you start building PBNs links or not.

5. SEO Tools

SEMRUSH – Semrush is the best SEO tool available compared to AHREF or MOZ.  Using SEMRUSH tool you can track your own growth, New keywords, Backlinks and monitor your competitors.

Google Search Console – Former Google webmaster tool is known and Google Search Console. Its totally free and gives you deep insight how your website works, What are the difficulty that google bot is facing while crawling your website. You will notice all the errors including 404, slow pages and penalty. After Google Analytic stoped providing keyword based traffic SEO dependancy on Search console increased. effectively using search console will increase your website traffic.

6. Making Money

Start SEO Company – When you wants to make money with SEO knowledge the best way is to start your own SEO company. Learn the basic process and finding the first clients online.

How to Build a Niche Website – Either you start selling your Search Engine optimization services or create a brand new Niche website related to consumer interest and rank it. Once you start getting traffic you can join affiliate networks or Monetize your websites with ads. I have cover all the points that will help you to start your niche website.

7. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Squeeze Pages – After learning Search engine optimization you will easily bring traffic, but if your conversion rate is poor you will not convert traffic into customer.  Learn basic practice of creating high converting landing pages, sales emails to improve CRO. Learn how to capture leads and nurture them with automatic emails, messages.