Youtube Video SEO Checklist: How to Rank Videos on YouTube

This is a detailed YouTube SEO checklist guide to rank video on YouTube and search engine. YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google. The world is changing and the trend in user searches Intent and pattern also. So it is important that you learn SEO for youtube videos.

Till date, we have observed below pattern in people search behaviour

  • If people looking for services or information or something want to order they will start using Google.
  • If users have set their minds to learn via videos, 90% chances are that users will search on YouTube instead of Google.
  • Similarly, If users want to find some information in images or concepts they will look at Pinterest instead of Google Images.

So that is why it’s very important that you start contributing to YouTube before your competitor.

6 Steps SEO Checklist to Rank Youtube Videos

Creating problem-solving youtube videos is the best way to keep your existing customer Engaged. Youtube video is also the biggest marketing channel to attract new customers.

This post is related to how to rank your videos on Youtube and Google. Before we start optimizing your youtube videos, let’s understand what types of videos are showing on Google searches.

I have searched the term Video SEO In Google and I found the 10 videos results in slider format. So ranking in the video section is also a great way to increase your youtube channel traffic and followers.

Let’s see what type of videos are showing by Google for the Query VIDEO SEO

Video SEO Results

Now look at the Youtube Search Results

Youtube Results for Video SEO

After analyzing all the videos results for video SEO Keyword I have observed that Google search results are showing Video results which contains

  • Search Keywords available in Video Title
  • Videos having approx 10 minutes
  • Adding repetitive content
  • Video Engagement
  • Video description with targeted keywords
  • Keyword Used in Tag

Above is just basic information that I have shared, Now look at all the important factors that are required to rank high.

Step 1: Youtube Channel Optimization

Your channel authority also plays a major role in getting a higher ranking. More authority with awesome content is the key to youtube success.

That is why, When you start your youtube channel you need to focus on high-quality work. Below is optimization that you need to follow

  • Add Logo: Always add your logo. This provides a consistent look to your audience.
  • Channel Description: Write awesome descriptions focusing on your services, products and solutions.
  • Create Playlist: This is the best way for your channel to target long tail keywords. Also grouping similar content to improve your channel average session time.
  • Add Channel Trailer: Adding this will also act as your page descriptions. Focus your main keywords in the channel trailer.
  • Add your website and social links. Also link your youtube channel on your website.

Step 2: Find Video Topics with high traffic potential

Start making your video by finding the right topics that have huge potential to grow your pages.

To get maximum visibility you need to research topics that video shows on Google, otherwise, you will put hard efforts into making video and although it ranks on youtube will not show on Google.

To Understand the SERP page for Video SEO let’s search two different keywords

Now let’s search for the keywords party wear shoes

Google Search Party wear shoes - No video appear

Here, Google didn’t provide any video results. So putting effort into targeting party wear shoes keywords will not generate video traffic from Google.

Instead, search for the Keyword How to wear party wear shoes and you will see that Google starts showing results with Video Suggestion.

SERP Results for HOW to - Video Appear

Targeting similar types of keywords starting with how to have greater opportunity compared to our first keyword.

Take away from topic research

  • Make a list of topics that have videos on google first page
  • List down popular topics
  • Note Down average video length of those suggestions.

Step 3: Keyword Research Techniques

There is an intent behind every search query and because of that Finding keywords for video are getting difficult compared to website keywords. You can easily find awesome keywords for your websites and blogs with the help of keyword research tool by checking search volume.

But when it comes to video, Its traffic not only depends on Google and Youtube searches. Video views also come from video suggestions, youtube emails, external sources, Browsing videos.

That is why you focus on keywords that have higher intent of improving CTR. Let’s focus on finding keywords

Find Keywords from Youtube Suggestion

Here you will get lots of Ideas related to finding new topics and keywords. This keyword suggestion technique is designed to keep recent searches.

If you find topics that have high searches this means the keyword is in trend and people are looking for it.

Start typing a few words and youtube will show you trending keywords.

Youtube Keyword Suggestion

Check your Competitors Video Tags

Search any keywords and take the first four videos and analyze their tags targeting. There are two ways to check keywords.

  1. Analyzing source code of the Video Page
  2. Using TubeBuddy tool

Video Source Code Analysis

I use this method to check focused video tags of any video. This is very simple and you don’t require any login.

To find keywords just open the video and follow the below steps

  1. Right Click on Video
  2. Click on Open Source

View Any video Source Code

Now you have opened the source code

  1. Use control + F, A  Box will appear to search on the page
  2. Search with  Keyword
  3. You will see the popular keyword used by the video in tag

Tags in Video Source Code

Using TubeBuddy for Keyword

This is one of the best free Chrome extension tools. Tubebuddy is the best tool for video analysis. Using this tool you can easily understand your competitor video popularity and their tags.

  • First You need to Download TubeBuddy and install an extension.
  • Login with your Google account
  • Open video to check its popularity.

Here how you can find tags in the video

Tubebuddy Video tag finder tool

This tool also shows the ranking of those keywords on youtube. It also gives you a deep insight into social mentions, total monthly views, total videos and more. This is one of the perfect tools for competitor analysis.

If you are looking for additional methods to find keywords then check our detailed SEO keyword research guide. We have shown methods for

  • Use Keyword planner
  • Google Search Suggestion
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends

Step 4: Create Better Videos Compare to Your competitor

While you start creating video keep SEO strategy in mind. Your video must be created focusing on top youtube ranking factors. These are total Session Time, Video Watch Time, Channel Audience Retention, Video Engagement, CTR.

When you create better videos compared to your competitor, and If your video is awesome you will start getting higher views.

So Let’s understand how you can use these video ranking signals to make awesome videos.

  1. Watch Time: Always create long videos, approx. 9 to 15 minutes. These because staying longer on video gives strong signals to youtube regarding viewers’ experience.
  2. Audience Retention: This indicates how many people finished watching the full video. IF users left videos in starting it gives a strong signal to youtube that viewers are not interested in content provided. A higher bounce rate will lower your ranking.
  3. First 30 Seconds Engagement: Use something interesting to start that user keeps engaged, If they stay, chances are that they watch a full video and it will improve your first 2 signals.
  4. Session Watch Time: This is an important ranking factor for videos. It shows your popularity. To increase overall session time, you need to link other important videos or add relevant playlists.
  5. Video Engagement: Your total video views, Like, Comment, Share, Subscription, Video share gives a strong signal to youtube that your video is highly useful. While creating a video ask your audience to take some actions like doing comments, sharing on social media, subscribing to your channel.

If you don’t ask to do anything with your viewers then they will simply watch the video and leave.

Step 5: Video SEO Optimization

This is similar to the way you do on page optimization for  your landing page or blog post. Creating awesome videos is not only a solution to rank high. You need to put some extra efforts on video optimization.

You need to focus on

Save Video name with the focus keyword.

  1. Video Title – Write title with target keyword that generates more clicks. Title must be focusing on improving CTR.
  2. Video Descriptions:  Write at least 250 words focusing your video script and targeted keywords. Always try to add content longer than your competition.
  3. YouTube Video Tags: It’s not counted as a ranking signal but still important that you add your focused keyword.
  4. Speak Keywords in Video: When you write your video script, always add keywords so you can speak them in videos.
  5. Upload transcript: Always focus on adding transcripts, this will help youtube understand the video. Also, we have noticed that videos that use transcripts appear in suggestion.
  6. ADD Custom Thumbnail: Always add an eye-catching thumbnail so that your video gets more clicks. Thumbnail attracts more users.

Step 6: Video Promotion Strategies

You have created an awesome video, but you get very less traffic or views. It’s time to do some link building work to promote your videos.

  1. Email Video to your customers: When you create a website it’s important that you capture leads of interested users. When you publish videos, always send emails to your customers.
  2. Share the video on Social Media: Share your video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any media where you have an audience.
  3. Add video on Blog or Page: If you have already created similar content on your blog or website then it’s time to embed there. Always add videos on starting.
  4. Add new video on End screen: This is also a good option to add videos on the end screen of other popular videos. Adding video also helps in improving the average session watch time.
  5. Add On Quora & Forums: This is the best option to link your video in existing popular questions and answers on quora. Find forums related to your topic and if they provide options to add answers then you must do that.

Conclusion on Youtube SEO Checklist

Optimizing your Youtube video for SEO is a key factor in growing your channel. We have provided step by step instructions for video SEO.

If you follow the process of video SEO, I am sure any new channel can grow rapidly.