Learn Keyword Research: How to Find Profitable Keywords with the help of tools

Keyword research is the First step by step SEO process done to find what your customer is searching for on the internet.

Are you looking for Keyword Research Tools and Techniques to find profitable keywords for your business? Keyword research should be the main center of any digital marketing campaign. Having the right keywords focused helps you in finding targeted customers.

This is one of the best keyword research guides that I have prepared to find profitable keywords for any business.

Once we prepare a keyword list we follow Certain SEO Strategies and techniques to rank those keywords on the first page of search engines.

Once you know the right keywords you can easily create an SEO strategy to optimize your website, link building campaigns, and create awesome content that your audience likes. Keywords are also one of the key factors for On-Page Optimization.

In this comprehensive keyword research guide I’ll cover:

  • How to find keywords
  • How to use keyword research tools
  • How to select the right keywords

This guide will help you to find the right keywords that are low competitive and high chances of conversion.

How to find Right Keywords for Website

Prepare Seed keywords List

Preparing a Seed keywords list is the foundation of any SEO campaign.

Use below process to prepare your keyword seed list.

  • Understand Product/service in detail.
  • Ask your friends how they search this type of service or product on Search engine.
  • Collect all common words.

Generate keyword ideas

Having a seed keyword list is not the end, It’s just the starting process of keyword ideas.

The second step is to generate a list of relevant keywords that your customers are searching on google, youtube, eCommerce store and in questions and answers.

There are four places that you can find new keywords

Use Google Search Console

If you have an old website and never started any SEO campaign, still chances are that you are ranking for some keywords that you don’t know.

The best step is just to link your website with the Google search console and find keywords that you are ranking. Here we are going to take the example of the Indian Ethnic wear website – Herkurtishop.com

Now, Just look at the search console data of the website.

Keyword Ideas in Google Search Console


Now look at the suggestion, there are lots of New suggestions are showing that already ranking and showing traffic.

  • Search Console shows us the average position for each keyword.
  • It also shows us the total number of impressions that the keyword is getting.
  • The issue is only that you will not get total monthly search volume, but you will get a basic idea of what your customers are looking for on your website.

Use of Keyword Research tool

Here we are going to use some different tools to understand what other keywords we might include for these fashion websites.

Based on the data we noticed that the website is focusing on mainly

  • Women Kurtis
  • Women Kurta

Ahref or SEMRush tool

Both are awesome marketing tools and provide you deep insight into any website. You can analyze your own website and find which keyword you are already ranking.

Here we are going to take the example of the SEMrush marketing tool.

SEMrush Organic keyword Ranking data

After using both the techniques you can find a list of keywords that already ranking. Now let’s look at the other keyword research techniques to find new keywords.

Google Suggestion Keywords

While searching for the same keywords we noticed the below results.

Google Suggestion Women Kurta

As an SEO Expert, you need to note down all the keywords in the spreadsheet.

Google Trends Keyword Suggestion

Google trends are the most popular place where you can find the most trending keywords for your business. Just visit Google trends and search keywords by your targeted location.

Google Trends for Women Kurta

Find Keywords with SEMRush tool

SEMrush also shows similar data.

SEMrush Women Kurta Keywords

Most of the keywords have high search volume with a high difficulty level as well.

Google Keyword Planner tool

The keyword planner is owned by Google and you will get lots of new keywords. Here are some keyword suggestions from the keyword planner tool.

Keyword Planner

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Here are some more keywords from ubersuggest keyword research tool.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research for Women Kurta

How to Shortlist Right keyword metrics

If you have noticed that in a very short time we have gathered so many keyword ideas. This is a simple process that anyone can do.

Prepare keyword list from all the search tool results, and start sorting the right keywords for your website landing page.

The real keyword research challenge is starting now. Shortlisting the right keyword is a mental headache. But, If you know the various keyword metrics then you can easily identify the right keywords in a very quick time that will be useful for On-Page Optimization.

Factors to Consider for Keyword Research.

Search Volume

This Keyword metric shows us overall monthly, weekly, and yearly searches of any keywords in Google. The rest of the Keyword research tool pulls data from Google Ads keyword planner and shows us.

Keyword Difficulty

This is an important matrix to be considered while selecting the right keywords. Higher the keyword difficulty it will be difficult to rank.

Search Intent

Every keyword has some intent, so it’s very important to understand the intent behind the search to shortlist the keyword. Because, further link building, content creation strategy depends on your keyword selection.

There are 3 types of search intent

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial

Divide your keyword list based on the intent, this will help you to prepare your website site architecture.

CPC ( Cost Per Click )

Most of the time we look at how much cost is required for one click. If any keyword has a high CPC that means the keyword has more value. CPC is taken from Google Ads auctions. If any keyword has a bid, it strongly suggests that it is more valuable.

How to Group your Keywords

Once you sort lists the top keywords it’s time to group them so you can use them for particular pages. Here how you can do that.

  • By parent topic
  • By Search Intent
  • By Keyword benefit value

Based on the keyword group, just prepare a master keyword list that you can use in the future for SEO work.

Keyword Research Template

It’s also important that we use a proven simple keyword research template for our ongoing SEO works. Here is a template that we are using for shortlisting keywords.

Keyword research template - VJ SEO Marketing

Keyword Research is an ongoing process and every day we learn a new method to find more accurate keywords. If you have any simple process then just email us we will add your approach.