Link Building Guide – Strategy to Find Quality Backlinks

Do you know what is Link Building in SEO? If not, you will learn it in detail.

Without high-quality backlinks, you never win an SEO Competition. Backlinks is an essential part of getting first page ranking.

If you’ve learning SEO, you’re know the importance of backlinks for increasing organic traffic and website authority. Already started obtaining backlinks, this link building guide will undoubtedly come in handy.

I have written this Link building guide with my 11 years of SEO work experience. This is advanced link building guide that will work all time. I

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After learning the fundamentals of link building, I am sure you are able to create a long term link building strategy for your business.

I have divided the whole Link Building Process in 3 parts learning fundamentals, creating a systematic process and execution.

What is Link Building?

Definition: When other websites link your website content, images through a hyperlink, the process is known as Link Building.

There are so many techniques that you can apply today to acquire new links. Some of the most popular are Guest blogging, Email Outreach, Broken link building, Local Directories, High-quality content creation and more.

Why are BackLinks So Important in SEO?

The process of acquiring Links to the domain is the highest-paid Job in the SEO industry.

To understand the importance of backlinks in SEO, Let’s assume a case of elections. For identifying the right candidate Voting system is used in election. Similarly,  Google uses quality backlinks election concept to rank best webpage available in google index.

In the early days, Yahoo and Altavista gave website ranking by just looking at content only. Google changed the terms of ranking and brought backlink concept and from that time to date, Link building has evolved lots.

Thanks to Google Penguin and Panda update for bringing new life to Link building.

Without high-quality backlinks, it’s hard for anyone to rank. Now link building is not about how many links you have, but it’s about how many Quality and Authoritative links you have.

Types of BackLinks

In 2023, if you build low-quality or spammy links to your website 80% chances is that google will penalize your website.

Your SEO efforts go in vain if you follow the old techniques such as article submissions or directory listing. This link building strategy was mostly recommended by SEO companies because they were producing results.

After penguin update most of the websites are penalized that follows low-quality link building techniques.

Here are different types of links and understand which type is best for you.

Editorial link or Natural Link in Content

These links hold the best value compared to any other backlinks. When a website A links to website B to provide additional information, this type of links the website B receives is known as the Editorial link.

There are two types of editorial links you can get.

  1. Naturally Placed Links
  2. The link that is requested

Manual Outreach Link Building

This is the most common way to get backlinks from the relevant websites. We just need to find a high-quality website list related to our industry with website owners’ contact details.

Once you have a list start sending an email requesting linking your website either by writing content for them or sharing unique content.

Self Created Links

These types of links are known as non-editorial links or self-created. These were highly in practice from 2007 to 2010, but after the introduction of Google Penguin Update in 2012, these techniques are known as SPAM Activities. 

If you are still taking links by doing below link building activities then stop doing otherwise google will give you an unnatural link penalty. Here are a few backlinks activities that you need to stop.

  • Blog Comments ( Comments approved without moderation – Avoid comments links from Free blogs like Blogger and WordPress )
  • Guest blog – Anchor text-based Links from the signature.
  • User Profile Pages and links
  • Forum Signature
  • Article directories
  • Irrelevant Web directories that approve Links automatically.
  • Press Release with Money keywords as Anchor text.

I hope you understand all the types of links that are popular in link building, If you still have any questions just ask us in the comment section.

How to Find High-Quality BackLinks

Before we start creating step-by-step link building campaigns or strategies, it’s important to understand which links are good and which are bad.

We need to focus on Links that improve organic traffic. Once you know which types of links you need, it’s time to start creating your first link building campaigns. To find quality links you need to know the below terms.

Page Authority: 

Getting backlinks from a high authority page is the dream of every SEO professional. Page Authority matrix created by the Moz team. It shows a rank from 0 to 100, having Zero is less powerful and getting more score near to 100 is highly powerful.

Authority of Website:

If a page authority is less but the domain authority is higher then getting links from it also considered valuable. Like page authority, sitewide authority is measured from zero to a hundred.

Here are some examples of a high authority website

  1. Forbes
  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. New York Times
  4. Huffington Post
  5. Mashable

Site Relevancy

Getting links from the higher domain authority is excellent, but keep in mind that site relevancy plays a major role. The thumb rule is that to get higher organic ranking get backlinks from highly relevant websites.

If you are running a business to Health-related products then focus your link building campaign related to health niche only.

Link’s Position on the Page

There is a myth of getting links with a specific position, but there are few places that people get links. These are

  • Links from footer
  • Sidebar
  • Body content

Out of the above 3 places, try to get backlinks from body content, because you get higher chances to justify the links. Also, the link placed in body content will be unique and very rare chances of getting duplication. The link will be also highly relative if the content is related to the same niche.

If you get links from footer or sidebar, chances are that it will be duplicated on all pages and the link relevance will not be the same as that on a body content.

Is the Link Editorially Placed?

The biggest concern about the type of link you receive. It’s important that whatever link you receive it must be editorial otherwise you will fall under unnatural link spam.

Link Anchor Text:

The clickable text is known as anchor text. People use anchor text as navigation and Google uses it as a ranking signal. here, the keyword research process is very important. While taking backlinks do not take backlinks on your money keywords. Maintain the anchor text ratio, try to get backlinks with keyword variation.

Link Co-Occurrence

It’s the content between the anchor text, it may be phrases, words, sentences. It gives a strong signal to Google and readers that the link placed is natural and editorial.

Nofollow .vs. Dofollow

By default the links are do-follow. The Syntax of the Nofollow tag is rel=”nofollow” . Nofollow tag suggests search engines don’t count the value of the link.

How to Start a Link Building Campaign

When an SEO expert is trying to bring more targeted backlinks continuously, the process is known as a link building campaign. It consists of

  • Setting up Link Acquisition Goal

Creating Asset that people like to link this will include

  • Creating a Problem-solving Product
  • Tool
  • Detailed Guide
  • Tutorial
  • Service

Knowing What types of links you need to rank

  • Link to the home page, category page, product page
  • Links related to your brand name or company name
  • Money Keyword-based Links
  • Creating Outreach plan

So based on the above points prepare your link building strategy that brings regular high-quality backlinks.