List of Web 2.0 Sites List for Link Building

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By vijay

Are you looking for web 2.0 sites list? If yes, you are at right place. Backlinks are known to be the backbone of SEO.

It’s free platform where you can start creating content to acquire links. Whenever we build backlinks possibilities that the links might be good or bad.

Here we going to solve all our doubts related to use of web 2.0 sites for link building.

What is Web 2.0 Sites?

These are websites that provide opportunity to create content with images.  Its free form of blogs.

What is a Web 2.0 backlink in SEO?

Getting high quality backlinks from trusted site is dream of SEO. We use web 2.0 sites to create quality content and linkback to relevant sites for additional resources.

If you have generated valuable content, Web 2.0 will provide you good quality backlinks. People always provide free backlink to quality content.

Are Web 2.0 is good for getting backlinks ?

The main questions is whether the web 2.0 sites are still useful for link building? My Answer is yes, If you done it in a right way and in controlled manner. Unique content and Link diversity is the key factor while creating backlinks with web 2.0 sites.

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Guidelines for creating web 2.0 backlinks

While creating backlinks from web 2.0 sites, We must follow below guidelines.

  1. Treat web 2.0 blogs sites as unique and real.
  2. Use proper theme and fix technical SEO.
  3. Check duplicate content issue and fix it.
  4. Write Unique and long content.
  5. Provide natural links to other related websites.
  6. Create problem solving content.
  7. Write proper title, description and Use H1, H2, H3 in sequence.

Do Web 2.0 falls under Gray-Hat SEO Technique?

Many people say yes because the way you get flexibility to play with content and anchor text that you have created.

In most of the cases, People create web 2.0 sites and forget. If you planning to use web 2.0 sites, make sure you keep updating it regularly with new fresh ideas.

If you don’t have time, I strictly say do not use web 2.0 sites.

List of Top Web 2.0 Sites

  1. Blogspot
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly

There are other web 2.0 sites available as well. You can check here –

Just check with your topic and start writing quality content and keep updating your blog atleast in 2 week.

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